As the Grass Grows will actually be returning on Feb 1st (due to some ridiculous germs that have been kicking my butt lately). Hope you’ll check it out.


So it’s been a crazy few months.

I’ve meant to write more blog posts but something always seems to be in the way… not the least of which is working on this story that has been really coming together in my mind. Another thing that has been getting in the way of regular blog posts is my other comic, As the Grass Grows. I’ve been talking since this past summer about the return of AtGG and while characters have been redesigned, scripts have been written, and in general, work has been done to bring it back, I just haven’t been able to give it the focus that it deserves. Which leads me to my ‘big’ announcement…

As the Grass Grows will return on January 16th, 2013!

I can’t tell you how excited I am to bring those characters back. I actually really miss them but I think my renewed enthusiasm is partially because of the new direction I have planned for the strip. New characters, new style, new creation process, and later in the year I have some other plans for the overall setup of my comics online, but that’s for another day. For now I’m just really excited about drawing gnomes and dachshunds again.

So now for the bad news. Well, I guess it’s not necessarily bad news, just… different news. In order to bring back As the Grass Grows, I realize the stress it’s going to put on me to do it the way I want to do it. After taking a step back and examining what I’m doing with Sector Four, I think I lost sight of (or maybe I was never really clear on) the goal here. For this story, there is an end and I’m getting into an area where each individual page will not be able to stand alone. Therefore the ideal way to read it is not necessarily in a serialized form. I’m making a decision not to cram enough ‘story’ into each individual page to make it stand alone when it could be detrimental to the whole. So in that regard, I’m not so much concerned with my update schedule here. I’m admitting up front that the update schedule for Sector Four will be less than weekly, and I’m ok with that. While I’ll give my best attempt to keep it on a weekly schedule, I’m just not willing to compromise the quality of this comic or the potential readership of a more ‘gag’ style strip in As the Grass Grows, so the best way to follow along with Sector Four will be to follow the RSS feed – at least until it’s eventually collected into a book.

I’ll admit, I considered no longer posting new pages after the current chapter is finished, in favor of completing the entire story and releasing it all when it’s done, but ultimately I think that my readership is small enough that those of you who have been following from the beginning would probably rather just keep reading pages as they’re completed, and if not, feel free to read it in chunks later on. After I sat down and read through it again up to this point, I really think it reads better in one sitting so I feel pretty confident in this direction.

As usual, thanks for all the support and I hope you’ll check out As the Grass Grows in January!