If you visited this site before the official launch, you probably saw the prologue story that I had up for a while. This story was intended to be a throw away story that I could use to get comfortable with the characters and environment of Sector Four. I didn’t really think I would do anything with it. That is, until I was inspired by Mark Waid and his new digital publishing effort Thrillbent. That, along with more inspiration by Yves Bigerel’s About Digital Comics, got me all excited about the possibilities of doing something different with a long-form online comic. I wrote more about my thoughts on this format on my blog.

Since this story was intended as practice anyway, I thought it would be the perfect candidate for more experimentation. So if you want more Sector Four, you can download this ‘enhanced digital version’ of the prologue story below:

Sector Four Prologue digital

The download is a pdf, which can be read on pretty much any device. If you’re viewing it on a computer, the full screen/slideshow view is the best way to read it and if you’re using chrome, it’ll look pretty nice right in your browser and you can use the left/right arrow keys to step through it. There are multiple mobile applications that can read pdfs, but if you find one that works really well, I’d love to hear about it.

I’m also putting this story in the ‘Extras’ page so if you ever lose track of it, feel free to download it again or pass it along to your friends. If you like the format, I plan on doing more of these as pages/storylines are completed so keep an eye out for those.